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The iris is a very important part of one’s eye that allows them to see well. When the iris becomes irritated and inflamed due to numerous reasons, this results in the condition known as Iritis.

There are a few common causes of this condition. These causes include numerous infections, direct trauma to the eye, and some diseases such as Reiter Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. A doctor will typically be able to help discover the cause.

If one’s eye has been bothering them, it could be the result of Iritis. The common symptoms include a small pupil that may or may not be shaped differently than normal, eye pain that hurts more when looking at a light, and redness around the eye. People with Iritis may also suffer from headaches, although this symptom should not be a reason for alarm unless it is accommodated by another Iritis symptom.

Luckily for those who suffer with this painful condition, there are simple treatment plans available. The most common treatment will involve eye drops. These special eye drops will dilate the pupil so to allow the patient to see better without straining their iris until it has healed properly. For severe cases that do not respond to the eye drops, steroid pills may be prescribed. In some cases, steroid shots are also necessary.

Although Iritis can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, the good news is that it will go away within two weeks. Patients should be sure to follow up with their eye doctor to ensure that the eye is healing fully.